Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The second half of LFR

Today on the EU, and yesterday on the US servers the second half of Mogushan Vaults came out on LFR. I queued up with 4 other people from my guild and jumped on mumble to run through it before tonights raid in the hope of some gear.

Obviously the LFR version is pretty easy, people still managed to fall down the hole in Elegon but we didn't wipe once and we had some fun while live logging...

Pulling both trash packs before Stone Guards and then me solo tanking it really helps the old dps.. ;)

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Guard bug

Currently there's a bug with guard and our Ox statue, if you have the Ox statue out and it puts a shield up on a raid member while your own Guard is up then it will remove your own Guard when it puts a shield on one of your raid members.

Also if you glyph Guard, your Ox statue won't send out any shield what so ever. Lets hope Blizzard get round to fixing this.

Current progress

We're currently 2/6 heroic, and progress is going well, it will be a slow week next week due to people being away on holiday but we'll be trying Gara'jal on heroic, with the tight enrage timer and a lot of tank damage as well as raid damage.

Currently i'm planning to reforge EVERYTHING into mastery/ stamina and see what kind of mastery rating i can reach, on the fight im planning to try and keep shuffle up as well as PB as often as possible to reduce raid damage as well as healing needed. Hopefully this will help out the healers but i'll keep you posted.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Time to get things back up to date!

Life's been pretty hectic since the lauch of MoP and a lot has gone on, so I plan to get everything back up to date and keep it updated from now on!

I will also keep you up to date with our raiding progress as a guild :)