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Monk'in about to 80

Now that MoP isn't far off i thought I'd tell you all how to RAF your monk to 80 for those of you going for server first or you just don't wanna hang about levelling from scratch.

First off you will need to RAF your main account with a second account you can make under the same account so that you can use heirlooms on both.

For all RAF related questions blizzard have an FAQ which should answer most of your questions. It can be found here.

Now to get down to the levelling, most like to multi box, i personally did this and having no previous experience soon got the hang of it. I decided to use a program called ISBoxer, it can take a little getting used to but they have a great guide as well as youtube videos which help a truck load and i was soon on my way. I didn't bother to get too advanced with it due to i was only using it this once to level two sets of characters to 80 but ill cover that later. Just give it a google and you'll find their website, other well known names for levelling two character at the same time are, Keyclone, Pwnboxer. You can also use macros to level if you wish.

Now for every 2 levels earnt you gain a grantable level and it stops at 80 so at level 80 you will have 39 grantable levels.

There are a few ways to get 79 grantable levels (you start at level 1 so 79 levels takes you to 80):
1. 2 x 80 and at least a level 2 to grant 1 level so your monk is 2 before you grant the levels
2. one level 80 and a level 41 x 2, this way you can use a normal level 1 character and get to 80
3. last is one level 80, one level 41 and two level 20's

Which ever one you wanna use will work, i personally used the first option.

I doesn't take long to level with RAF due to the experience increase and honestly i found it pretty fun multi boxing two hunters to 80, used hunters both times and it went pretty fast. If you just wanted to run dungeons levelling a tank and a healer is possible (can cause some problems) but in heirlooms the damage in dungeons isn't very high and it means you pretty much get instant queues 

What to do before you grant your levels!
If you get to 99% of the way through the level and then grant your levels you will still be 99% of the way through your level when you ding 80 which means your pretty much 81 after granting your levels which will speed everything up.



As an Orc, get the first quest which is 40 experience. Kill enough Mottled Boars to get to 300/400 experience. Then put on a 10% item. Kill one Boar, it'll get you to 355 Experience (50 experience normally, 55 with an extra 10%). Keep the 10% item on and turn in the quest which will give you 44 experience. 399/400 Experience. 99.75%. Fraid this is the best your going to get to


If you start out as an Undead, accept the first quest (you can't move until you do) then run down to the mailbox, pick up a 10% heirloom and equip it, run back, turn in the quest, get the next quest, run down the stairs and get the two reagents, turn in that quest. You will be at 99/400 experience. Take off the heirloom, kill 6 level 1 creatures. 399/400 Experience!


Get the first quest, get a 10% heirloom from the mailbox. Equip it. Walk down the path, turn in the quest. DON'T KILL THE GNOLLS! They are not at full health and will NOT give the right amount of experience. Kill 1 level 1 animal (like a Planestrider) then unequip the heirloom. Kill enough to get to 399/400.


Start out. Accept the first quest. Walk out to the left into the water, you will discover something for 55 experience. Go turn in the quest, you should get 10 experience for discovering that. Then walk to the Southeast of the island to where the mailbox is, discover again for 10 experience. Kill 2 level 2 boars, kill 1 level 1 cat. 399/400.


So at level 1, a level 1 will give you 50, a level 2 will give you 52, and a level 3 will give you 55.
If you kill a level 3 with 25% bonus you will get 68.75 (Does Experience round up?) then just keep killing level 3's without any heirlooms, OR kill level 1's with 10% heirlooms and you'll get 398, 399 if that 68.75 rounds up.


HUMAN Courtesy of Freyalise

Kill three level one mobs with no heirlooms equipped. Total XP 150.
Kill two of the level one wolves that are engaged with guards. These give 42xp each every time (tried a few dozen anyway). 84 more XP, total 234 XP.
Equip 10% heirloom. Kill three level one mobs. 165 more XP. Total 399 XP.

Using no xp bonus Kill 5 x lvl 1 worgs (250xp),1x Worg fighting a guard (42xp){worg must have greater than or equal to 84% hp or you wont get 42xp}, 1 x lvl2 Blackrock spy 52xp and 1 x lvl3 Goblin assassin 55xp = 399xp

the important part is the worgs attacking guards have varying hp which means lower xp the less hp they have =>84% hp or you wont get 42 xp. 


Accept Quest
Kill 3 with 10% bonus (1pc BoA, no guild) (55), kill 3 normal (50) and turn in quest with 5% (just cloak) (84) = 399/400!


Accept Quest
Kill 3 lvl 1's with 10% bonus, kill 3 normal and turn in quest with 5% (just cloak) = 399/400


Wear +10% ep and kill 7 lvl 2 mobs (the boars or the imp things will do it) each will give you 57xp which is 399 at the end.


Equip 1x BoA 10%, turn in quest, kill 1 lvl 1 with 10% then kill normal ( no bonus) 5 mobs.

Panda's aren't really classed as a race worth rolling at launch day if your going for server firsts so i haven't added it to the list because if your rolling a monk not having 99% of the way through the level won't make much difference plus it would be quite easy to work out as you kill things when your level 12/13.

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