Monday, 3 September 2012

Welcome to MessyMonk

Ok so I decided to start my own blog seeing as I'm making a monk my main in mists. I will be a Brewmaster with Mistweaver off-spec so most of the in depth info will be about those two specs but I will provide general information that is released so we can all keep up to date with the class as a whole because you never know when your gonna have to change spec!

Bit of a back story:
Currently my main is my paladin who is Prot main spec and Holy off-spec, I decided to change to a monk mainly because I find tanking with a paladin quite boring, I like to have a more 'hands on' approach to keeping myself alive. I was hoping that when blizzard said they were changing all tanking classes to be more reactive, a bit like DK's are, I was looking forward to playing my paladin in mists but alas nothing really changed and I enjoy a Brewmaster style a lot more.

I'm currently in a hardcore 10 man raiding guild and will be going for server firsts when mists comes out, I will try to stream everything I can, including me levelling on launch day and all the raids to come.

So keep coming back for any streams and videos I make, as well all the information about what you can do before mists to be ready for your monk and keep you guys update after mists hits. Hopefully this will develop so that all the information you need is in one place and easy for you to find.

Other than that let mists roll on and let's get drunk!!  Drink responsibly.

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